Customer Experience Transformation

What is CX?

The emotions you evoke in you customers during their interaction across all company touchpoints. It is a strategic differentiator and requires a synergy between online and offline experiences

Why is it so important?

According to Salesforce Research 80% of people say the experience company provides is as important as its products and 51% agree that most companies fall short of their experience expectations

Our 5-step approach to create your great Customer Experience

Marketing Automation
B2B and B2C

Keep in touch with your customers at the right moment, through the right channel and with the right personalized message. Create and manage complex customer journeys with ease across website, email, SMS, Mobile app, Viber, digital and social networks.

We will help you with the strategy, process transformation, tool implementation, content creation and personalization, and support your first campaigns until your team is confident enough to manage this on their own. Our team consists not only of technical people, but also of experienced digital marketers, who speak your business language.

Benefits of using Salesforce Marketing Cloud as a tool for digital marketing transformation

Single Marketing Database of Record

You can combine data about customers from all sources, which will be used for communication. With the Data Designer, it is easy to link different sources and data fields to your contacts and use them to segment and personalize campaigns based on various attributes (not just demographic, but also behavioural, geographical, third party, offline, etc).


Manage multistep and multichannel customer journeys from one place – you have email, sms, viber, push notifications, digital and social advertising out of the box and ready to go from day 1.

Cloud based

Easily and quickly change, adapt, evolve the database, there is no limitations, which on-premise solutions have (disk space, database management, backup, security)


You can grow your database and marketing activities 10 times, 100 times, it all be handled by Marketing cloud with the same speed, without any disruption, since you use the same infrastructure as 150 000 other companies. For example, every 24 hours over 4 billion emails are send via Marketing Cloud, there are over 1 billion mobile devices connected to apps integrated with Marketing Cloud.


Salesforce has many other solutions – e-commerce, sales, service, communities, which you can seamlessly add in future on the same platform.

GDPR and Anti-Spam compliant

Marketing cloud comes with the full stack of GDPR compliance (management of opt-ins and opt-outs, contact deletion, information security, anti-spam compliance features like IP warming, bounce detective, list detective, etc.)


With all the marketing automation tools (emails, mobile, journeys), i.e. the database is not separated, but integrated in the platform, which means that once it is filled with data, you can start outright journey, and campaigns. Each customer interaction from the journey/campaign is directly recorded in the same database.

Tried and tested

Salesforce is used by more than 150 000 companies across the world, incl. nearly 90% of Fortune 100

Responsible Partner

Emil Vuchkov

Partner, Digital Marketing

Emil Vuchkov has over 15 years of experience in the financial sector in the field of Marketing, Product Development, Sales, Insurance and Retail banking. He held various management positions in financial institutions such as HVB Bank Biochim, Unicredit Bulbank, MKB Unionbank, Investbank, Bulgaria.
Prior to joining Next Consult, he was Executive Director and member of the Management Board of Bulgaria Insurance, where he was responsible for Marketing, Operations, IT and Claim management.

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