Products and benefits


  • Manufacture with less errors
  • Less customer returns
  • Higher overall production quality


  • Reduced time between receiving a client order and delivering the finished product


  • Greater efficiency
  • Reduced loss of materials, time and other resources

The successful implementation of 20 Keys® in over 800 companies in 35 countries has shown following results:


improvement of productivity


decrease of defects


decrease of inventory


decrease of expenses

Responsible partner

Toshko Petkov

Partner, Business Consulting

Toshko Petkov has significant experience in business consulting, business strategy formulation, lean transformation, business process optimization, organizational structure optimization, financial reporting systems’ design, supply chain management, business performance management, employee remuneration system design, employee performance appraisal system design, IT strategy development, ERP systems selection/implementation, efficiency improvement, etc. Toshko has completed over 200 consulting projects for more than 80 clients.

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