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Skillsoft was established in 1998 and is the global leader in eLearning, training more professionals every day than any other company in the world. The company offers over 120,000 pieces of content, including over 7,000 courses, 65,000 videos, and 46,000 books deployed in 29 different languages.

Skillsoft has a unique approach in delivering its trainings, with its product lines engaging learners with interactive courses, enlightening videos and practical simulations, allowing employees to learn in the modality that works best for them. The authors and presenters include Fortune 500 executives, highly respected leadership coaches, and revered experts like Jack Welch, Stephen R. Covey, Marshall Goldsmith, Gary Hamel, and Harvard Business School professors.

Skillsoft offers the online trainings in 4 main areas – Business & Leadership Skills, Digital Skills, IT Skills & Certifications, Compliance.

Case studies

next consult business and management consulting How Kamax is reaching new heights with Next Consult

“If we hadn’t started working with Next Consult, I have a feeling that we would’ve lost our direction. Next Consult helped us work towards a visible goal. With their help we went to a whole new level and now it’s up to us to put what they taught us into practice.”

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In 2016, Skillsoft conducted a survey among 36,000 Skillsoft end users across 19 industries.The results showed that after going through Skillsoft trainings companies managed to achieve:

  • 53% increased employee engagement
  • 53% increased productivity
  • 26% decreased costs
  • 16% decreased turnover
  • 40% increased revenue

Responsible partner

Тошко Петков

Toshko Petkov


+359 2 865 8436

Bobi Uzunov

Borislav Uzunov

Senior Consultant

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