Why choose Salesforce & Next Consult?

We are an official Gold consulting partner & reseller of Salesforce.com, focusing on Salesforce Implementation, Customization, Application Integration, Custom Application Development and Support.

We have experience with over 40 clients and over 150 realized projects in various industries such as Logistics & Distribution, Insurance & Banking, Energy trading & Manufacturing, and IT & Professional services.



Sales Cloud

  • Improved sales process and tracking of all activities and the sales funnel
  • Optimized contacts and information management systems from any device
  • CPQ - generate adequate offers and contracts
  • Easier communications + increased ability = increased productivity
  • The result is more and happier clients
  • Read all about Sales Cloud HERE

Service Cloud

  • Effective management of all aspects of customer communication
  • Shortened response time – via Live Agent
  • The result is first-class and fast customer care

Marketing Cloud and Pardot

  • Personalized customer journeys through smart system for mobile, social media and digital marketing
  • Meaningful marketing campaigns, leading to an improved relationship with the customer
  • Personalization on a new level
  • Detailed analytics of all results and findings
  • The result is increase in sales and potential customers

Analytics Cloud

  • New generation of data analytics
  • No need for data scientists or IT specialists, anyone can ask questions and see new opportunities
  • AI system integrated with the data
  • More in-depth information about sales and customers

Commerce Cloud

  • The most innovative solution for e-commerce
  • Engage your customers through all digital channels with a personalized and inovative solution, with built-in Artificital Intelligence, for marketing, merchandising, deliveries, promotions and many more


Other Salesforce expertise

  • Force.com
  • Heroku
  • Steelbrick
  • Zuora
  • Custom CPQ
  • SAP Integrations
  • Contract Management/Billing
  • HR
  • Lighting
  • Apex
  • Integrations
  • Call Centers
  • Mobile Applications

Our Team


Ivo Dreshkov


+359 2 865 8436

Максим Колев

Maxim Kolev


+359 2 865 8436

Lora Georgieva small

Lora Georgieva


+359 2 865 8436



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