CRM System #1

Why Salesforce & Next Consult?

We are reseller and integrator of Salesforce - CRM ‘cloud’ platform #1 in the world.


Here are some of the amazing benefits of using Salesforce:

  • You will make your clients fall in LOVE with you! 
  • You will sell MORE and your marketing will be more TARGETED
  • You will serve each and every client like a KING!


How can Salesforce make your company more successful?



Sales Cloud

  • Improved sales process and tracking of all activities and the sales funnel
  • Optimized contacts management systems from any device
  • Results in better and more adequate offers and contracts
  • Easy information management
  • Easier communications + increased ability = increased productivity
  • The result is more and happier clients
  • CPQ - the latest quote generating solution

Service Cloud

  • Effective management of all aspects of customer communication
  • Shortened response time – via Live Agent
  • The result is first-class and fast customer care

Marketing Cloud and Pardot

  • Personalized customer journeys through smart system for mobile, social media and digital marketing
  • Meaningful marketing campaigns, leading to an improved relationship with the customer
  • Personalization on a new level
  • Detailed analytics of all results and findings
  • The result is increase in sales and potential customers

Analytics Cloud

  • New generation of data analytics
  • No need for data scientists or IT specialists, anyone can ask questions and see new opportunities
  • AI system integrated with the data
  • More in-depth information about sales and customers

Commerce Cloud

  • The most innovative solution for e-commerce
  • Engage your customers through all digital channels with a personalized and inovative solution, with built-in Artificital Intelligence, for marketing, merchandising, deliveries, promotions and many more


Other Salesforce solutions

  • Force.com – platform for building apps in the cloud
  • Health Cloud
  • Financial Service Cloud
  • Salesforce integration – easy to integrate with the rest of your IT systems

Our Team


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