20 Keys® & Next Consult

  • A Japanese methodology, based on Lean transformation principles, which will easy and effectively transform your company and make it more successful and client-oriented.
  • 20 Keys ® is a management system, which systematically improves important aspects of the production such as quality, expenses, deliveries, safety and ethics. 
  • Next Consult is official partner of PPORF Development Institute Inc. with demonstrated experience in implementing Lean project in various companies.


Case studies

Rollplast: Our organizational culture and effectiveness are enhanced through Next Consult’s LEAN methodology

One of the biggest companies in Bulgaria - Rollplast - manages their processes better and improves their efficiency with the help of Next Consult and the Lean methodology. Our LEAN experts are fully certified and can help your business too!

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next consult business and management consulting How Kamax is reaching new heights with Next Consult

“If we hadn’t started working with Next Consult, I have a feeling that we would’ve lost our direction. Next Consult helped us work towards a visible goal. With their help we went to a whole new level and now it’s up to us to put what they taught us into practice.”

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Manufacture with less errors
Less customer returns
Higher overall production quality



Reduced time between receiving a client order and delivering the finished product



Greater efficiency
Reduced loss of materials, time and other resources


The successful implementation of 20 Keys® in over 700 companies in 35 countries has shown following results:

200% improvement of productivity 

 80% decrease of defects 

 50% decrease of inventory 

 20% decrease of expenses



Responsible partner

Тошко Петков

Toshko Petkov


+359 2 865 8436


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