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Digital Marketing & E-Commerce

Marketing is dead, long live the marketing!


Customers are evolving, they are more informed than ever and the ways they purchase have changed. Do you understand this change?

Digital marketing is the future and more and more companies realise the need to adapt to it, but very few manage to.

We are here to help you with social media, email marketing, content marketing, Google organic and paid, SEO optimization of your website or online store.



Audit of the digital presence

  • Detailed website audit – including functionality, design and user-friendliness
  • Analysis and competitor comparison report
  • Identified problems in every digital aspect

Planning a detailed digital strategy

  • A detailed plan for a digital transformation in stages
  • An integrated multichannel digital stategy for best results
  • Improved online competitiveness and image

Strategy implementation and management

  • Professional social media management
  • Quality content planning and creation
  • Detailed customer journeys for every client segment
  • Implementation of an e-commerce platform

Measurement of results

  • Real-time measurement of all activities with the latest digital tools  
  • Dynamic and fast reaction to any anomalies
  • Support and recommendations for future changes
  • Accurate measurement of new clients and sales

Our Team


Daniela Yonova


+359 2 865 8436


Emil Vuchkov


+359 885 917 738



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