Marketing automation in action: Omnicar trusted Pardot and Next Consult



Omnicar BG is a leader in the distribution of Mobil oils and other lubricants. They never leave their success to chance and trust the latest software solutions to manage and improve their business daily.

Omnicar BG has trusted Salesforce to manage customer relationships and optimize sales processes. The next logical step was to improve their marketing processes with the most innovative marketing automation solution, Pardot.

Lina Hristova, Marketing Manager at Omnicar BG and Emil Vouchkov, Partner Digital Marketing at Next Consult, talk about the implementation process and the first results.


Why Salesforce Pardot?

EV: Pardot is a B2B marketing platform that lets you create content from one place to communicate with potential and current customers on different channels and track their behavior and interaction with your marketing assets - emails, landing pages, events, ads, and more. In essence, this marketing automation allows you to manage customer journeys and automate your marketing processes, saving you time and effort. If you also have a CRM system like Salesforce, for example, Pardot can cooperate with it and give you a real ROI. You know that when a customer bought something from you, the particular campaign they came from, what was his first touch with your company, so you could assess the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. In the long run, this means that your efforts will be more concentrated, will cost less, and will have better results.

Scheme: Exemplary client trip


What is a client's journey and how is Pardot useful to it?

EV: The customer journey to B2B business is long. Companies do not make spontaneous decisions, very often decisions are taken jointly or in stages by different people in a company. I'll give you an example - say you post an interesting social networking article for your product, and an employee of your potential customer reads it. After that, he gets in contact with your newsletter. After two months you invite him to an event organized by you, by creating a login page for registrations and sending him an email invitation. However, his manager comes to the event and is pleased. After the event, you send a thank-you email to the attendees and add additional information about your product, an interesting article, or customer history. The manager reads the e-mail articles and visits your page where he notices the Costs sub-page. All of these decisions mean that this customer is very interested in you and your product and is ready to move on to the next stage of your journey - meeting. At this point, the merchant must immediately call (you do not want the customer to have time to look at the pages of your competitors). The question is how do you follow all these things?

With Pardot, not only is this possible, but also automatic. For each of your actions, the customer in question will receive score points, which you can specify for which action (for example, viewing your Pricing page) or when reaching a number of points, automatically addresses your merchants to contact the customer. This is an exemplary journey, but it is different for each client. To be able to manage these trips efficiently for all your potential and current customers, you need a good marketing automation tool like Pardot.


What was your motivation for the start of the project?

LH: Omnicar BG is a company with more than 20 years of experience and specialization in lubricants. Our company offers expert advice and high-level business solutions. In 2000 Omnikar BG started its joint venture with ExxonMobil and in 2010 became an authorized Mobil distributor for Bulgaria. Our longstanding successful partnership with a global brand like Mobil enables us to touch the best of the world of marketing, motivate us to be successful, seek inspiration, and draw ideas from our global partner network. We strive to keep up with trends, and always step forward, by planning and anticipating the needs of our customers to help them grow - because their growth is our success. That was also the reason to trust Next Consult to recommend the best solution for marketing automation.


Why did you choose Next Consult for this project?

LH: Next Consult is a leading company in the field of management, business consulting and digital marketing. As a representative of one of the most successful companies in the world - Salesforce, we have had a number of successful projects together. This was also the reason to trust them for the realization of the new challenge, name digital marketing, in particular automation.


Why marketing automation is important for Omnicar BG?

LH: For us as a company, it is important to optimize all marketing processes and communication with our customers through automation. Everyday customer life is important for us. Omnicar BG does not just deliver high-quality lubricants but offers its customers relevant business solutions. Good and bilateral communication with them is essential. Process automation enables us to communicate in the best way, at the right time and in the right place. By reducing the human factor, our efforts become more efficient and our campaigns more precise. Through automated marketing, we succeed not only in identifying the needs of our customers, but also in helping them and suggesting exactly what they are. On the other hand, the increased productivity of the Marketing Department leads us to better business solutions for our customers. This leads to more conversions and less unnecessary marketing costs.



How do you rate Pardot - what has changed in your marketing/processes after implementation?

LH: We understand well that in order to be successful on the market, we can’t just sell products, we have to offer solutions. Not only a supplier of high-quality lubricants but a trusted partner. For that, we need to have good relationships and excellent communication with our clients. Everything must be two-sided. We must find a way to not only to talk to them but also listen to them. The goal is to understand their needs, preferences, opinions and respond quickly to their wishes. That's why we automated the process of communicating with them. Using Pardot, we strive to always be one step ahead and instead of waiting for customers to tell us what they want, based on different studies, we can overtake them and guess their needs. This shows our commitment and attention to them. By sending them various emails with information based on actions they take - opening links, downloading information files, reading product articles, surfing the web, we learn what matters to them and offer them the right solution at the right time.

Pardot is the best solution for us. Our business is fully B2B oriented. We work with all of Pardot's functionalities - we create email campaigns, run handheld pages for direct lead generation and client trips - through Engagement Studio. One of Pardot's best functionalities is the ability to report on results and to analyze them in real time. This allows us to manage each campaign while it is in process. The biggest advantage of Pardot is its integration with Salesforce. This helps us to instantly capture every new lead in the system and inform the trader in real time. This gives the trader the opportunity to qualify the lead and put it in the funnel where the sale process begins. When the customer is excited about something and receives a call / visit from a merchant immediately, this increases the opportunity for a sale.




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