DeBulCo trusted Next Consult with one of the first SAP S/4HANA implementations in Bulgaria



On January 1st 2019, the DeBulCo company officially implemented S/4HANA – the latest version of the high- tech business software product by SAP, entirely based on a new generation database system and the HANA platform which works a hundred times faster than the standard system. The implementation is one of the first-ever in Bulgaria and covers all the base modules – MM (Materials Manаgement), SD (Sales and Distribution), PP (Production planning), FI (Finance), CO (Controlling) - as it provides a full coverage of all business processes in the system. The whole reference and analytical information required from the company management is already extracted in an extremely short time and the data is gathered by a single source.

DeBulCo is a leader in producing fine materials of sheet metal, wire and pipes. The nature of the company’s business is very specific: the production orders are relatively small scale, the products are often new and the delivery time is extremely short. To optimize the process of production the capability of each industrial unit had to be assessed to determine if they can accept additional orders, for example. Given this, after reaching a certain scale of activity if the company is left without an ERP system, this seems impossible.



Market dynamics require a search for the new business management technologies

“About four years ago as the scale of activity grew and accelerated our development’s dynamics, we began to feel the need of improvement of our planning” – shared Petar Vassilev, Manager at DeBulCo. The company management concludes that if we want to grow intensively in the future, we have to invest in an ERP system.

“It has always been our priority to be innovative, to be the first, to implement the newest and the best technology solutions. Our customers expect top quality and optimized solutions.” – said Mr. Vassilev.


How they decided on SAP and Next Consult

At first, DeBulCo made an effort to impletement a ERP system with another provider, but the project didn’t complete successfully. This led the management to revise its strategy for choosing a system and to focus on the more established names in the industry.

“SAP attracted us as a worldwide company with global solutions. The variations of the business models are practically unlimited and there is always a solution to any problem. Furthermore, the support doesn’t depend on someone in particular or a certain team as it is common with the smaller local providers of ERP”, shared Petar Vassilev.

DeBulCo turned to EsPro, part of the international company Next Consult.

“We met with the team and they demonstrated their experience and capabilities on SAP. It wasn’t hard to appreciate their competencies and know-how. We felt that we can work together as a team which is extremely important to us in view of a long-term partnership and communication”, he added.

S/4HANA is practically a new product in Bulgaria and the region and there isn’t any experience with it which requires the sPro/Next Consult team to be flexible and inventive in the implementation.

“We started building on the SAP Baseline for Germany, which was built on S/4HANA. Since we have been selected twice for creating a SAP Baseline Package for Bulgaria, it has been easier for us to manage the documentation and to develop our own "Baseline" solution suitable for DeBulco.”, said Petar Kozlev, Partner and Senior Consultant at EsPro, also the Project Manager.

“DeBulCo, as the first entirely completed S/4HANA project in Bulgaria, proves the success of innovations in the new technological solutions. Even more: it proves that the SAP solutions are suitable for any business size and adds value to the entire chain. The DeBulCo project, completed on time and in terms of the commitments by our sPro/Next Consult partners, proves once again their professionalism and innovation in the conduct of projects with high added value for the SAP clients in Bulgaria”, said Radomir Milanov, Managing Director of SAP Bulgaria.

The system works intuitively. Every employee already knows that he has to finish his work on time because his colleague can’t proceed with their own work. Numerous data that is yet to be analyzed and is also being collected.

“The implementation process has gone smoothly. Overall, we can say that the partner's team is excellent. They are professionals like us who want to be innovative in their field. We hope to complete a lot more projects with them in the future.”, shares Petar Vassilev.


About DeBulCo

DeBulco is a high-tech company that produces fine materials and products from sheet metal, wire and pipes. Since its inception in 1997, the company has become one of the market leaders in the country, while successfully managing its products in many markets abroad. Some of their clients are leading companies in the food, chemical, automotive, publishing and trade sectors, etc.

About Next Consult and EsPro

Next Consult is an international company in the IT and business consulting with offices in Bulgaria, Romania, United Kingdom, United States and Switzerland. The company provides services in the field of strategy management, process optimization, human resources, implementation of new technologies and digital transformation. Next Consult is a partner and reseller of world leaders such as Salesforce, SAP, SkillSoft, and the Japanese Lean Methodology 20keys®.

Espro was founded in July 2008 and is part of the international consultancy Next Consult since 2015. The company focuses entirely on SAP ERP, winning the confidence of the German software company to implement one of its most important projects in Bulgaria, as the realization and localization of the SAP Best Practices Baseline package in Bulgaria, two consecutive times. EsPro is SAP's first partner for Bulgaria, certified by SAP's Active Quality Management Program. Among the customers of EsPro are the names of many Bulgarian and international companies.





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