Once again Next Consult is a carrier of the international standard of quality ISO:9001:2015

ISO:9001:2015 is an international standard that sets the parameters and requirements for the organizations that provide quality services in the field of management.


What does a CRM system mean for your customers?

Quite often CRM systems are thought of as mostly beneficial to the companies that use them – due to the fact that they help them increase their sales, organise their sales team better, achieve their business goals better. However, a lot of companies miss out on the single most valuable benefit a CRM system gives – it makes the customers’ lives a lot easier. After all, CRM stands from Customer Relationship Management.


Next Consult organizes Lean management "Best Practices" visit to Japan for Bulgarian companies.

Companies such as Toyota, Panasonic , Pfizer factories are among the destinations


Improving quality without increasing costs - Lean manufacturing practices part 2

Part two of our article about the key factors in improving quality while costs stay the same. Lean is a Japanese methodology that transformed global business.

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