The unfulfilled promise of the influencer marketing

The alternative of influencer marketing is better and leads to bigger success in the long run and it is called ‘thought leadership’ – in other words, be a leader in your field based on experience, knowledge and markings. This is the best marketing.


Does the business need Lean?

“The essence of the “lean” thinking – says Toshko Petkov, Partner in Business Consulting in Next Consult – is to focus on what our clients appreciate as added value and get rid of everything else so that they can be faster, offer a better quality and deliver with a lower cost than their competitors.”


YouTube and video – the hottest marketing

Further down you will see why video marketing is the hottest trend in content marketing and how you can use it to ameliorate your brand’s presence and increase your sales.


How Kamax is reaching new heights with Next Consult

“If we hadn’t started working with Next Consult, I have a feeling that we would’ve lost our direction. Next Consult helped us work towards a visible goal. With their help we went to a whole new level and now it’s up to us to put what they taught us into practice.”

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