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Recently more and more advertisers turn to the possibilities that video content offers and  put it in the center of their marketing strategies even more. The video format owes its popularity to a multitude of factors, the main one being the change in consumers’ online habits and activity. Brands are facing bigger and bigger challenges in the fight for influence over the Gen X and Millenials audience that consists of 18-34 years old people.

These individuals are of intelligent and contemplating nature, with a profession and a wide view of the world and the development of technology. For a brand to catch their attention, it's no longer enough to have an attractive message. It is necessary for the message to be delivered in an innovative, interesting and exciting manner. Here lies the power of video marketing which is times superior to every other type of traditional advertisement.

Further down you will see why video marketing is the hottest trend in content marketing and how you can use it to ameliorate your brand’s presence and increase your sales.

Why Youtube ads?


After being acquired by the technological giant Google, YouTube starts to steadily increase its following and achieving its current numbers – close to 2 billion users. This growth can be explained by several reasons. One of them is that every registered user in Google receives a YouTube profile. And let us not forget the invasion of Android devices that are controlled via Google accounts. One of the considerable advantages of the platform remains the freedom it provides its users to choose what they watch. In turn, the various functionalities in creating User Generated Content (UGC) make the platform a preferred destination for users as well as influencers.

Here are some interesting facts in relation to this:

  • 76% of people working in business, who regularly watch video content on YouTube, admit to have built their viewpoint based on opinions of influencers on the platform
  • 65% of audiences of a given video build their attitude toward a brand based on a video of an influencer they have followed on YouTube
  • 85% of all subscribers on YouTube go over the new uploads in the span of 2 days. The platform reports close to 3,25 billion hours of views on average a month, which is due to the quality of the user experience as well as the possibilities for advertising with the help of the platform Google AdWords, which wins YouTube the affinity of advertisers.

YouTube vs. TV commercials

To answer the question where you should invest – the traditional or the YouTube advertisement, you must think about what kind of audience you want to reach. If your target is set on Millenials, the traditional TV commercial won’t lead you to them.

It is no coincidence that 87% of television viewers are looking at a second screen during a TV show. Furthermore, recent studies show that close to half the television viewers will be ending their subscriptions by 2025.A

nother downside of the TV commercial is the way it targets a certain campaign. Broadcasts are based on the so called Gross Rating Points or Target Rating Points. They determine the frequency with which the advertisement will be shown and the volume of the audience reached based on the time zone of the broadcasts.

That leaves the question of the age of the group of people that will see the commercial during said time period and whether this is the same audience you wish to reach. Here is how YouTube Ads bring the control back in the hands of advertisers and why a major part of them are redirecting their budgets to the platform.

It is an easy way to target the desired audience. 

• Transparency when reporting the achieved results.

• Variety of advertising formats for the different purposes of marketing.

• The possibility of retargeting.

YouTube ads are managed by Google’s advertisement platform – AdWords. This unlocks a variety of possibilities to advertisers. For instance they can direct an advertisement toward a certain audience, by targeting certain demographics (age, gender, social status, location, etc.) or interests (towards products or services). With the option for setting keywords you can improve the ranking of the video in the search results.With the help of retargeting lists you can reach the same audience again like per example people who have visited your site in the last 30 days or who have viewed a particular video or who are subscribed to your channel. 

YouTube Ads surpass TV commercials by one more important aspect – the clear and transparent calculation of the results. Through AdWords you can receive detailed reports on how many times an ad has been viewed (View-Through-Rate), what is the level of audience engagement (Еngagement), how many new leads you have attracted and many more. These results cannot be altered with TV broadcasts. YouTube offers one more convenience to advertisers – the possibility of creating their own video ad with the help of a tool called Adbuilder.

What is new?


In the beginning of the year at their annual event Brandcast, YouTube announced that they were changing focus from mobile devices, where they own a 60% share, to TV streaming services that they called “the second biggest revolution online video has ever had”.Due to this change YouTube expanded advertisement possibilities in YouTube TV with Google Preferred, a premium platform for advertising amongst the top 5% of the most popular YouTube channels. Advertisers will have a new chance to buy TV ads from YouTube’s virtual television, namely through the platform for programmatic advertisements DoubleClick Bid Manager.




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