Taylor & Hart trusted Next Consult with their Salesforce Мarketing Cloud implementation



Taylor & Hart is a British e-tailer of custom-made engagement and wedding rings, founded in 2013 with a mission to enable customers to express their deep affection in the most beautiful and elegant way – through a jewelry piece that tells their own love story. In an industry largely based on telling customers what they had available and forcing them to choose from a set selection, Taylor & Hart saw an opportunity to innovate around custom designs.

Today, the company is working with customers from all over the world and has showrooms in both megapolises London and New York for those who wish to meet a personal design consultant and start their bespoke journey.

The company’s main goal – to provide a unique personalized customer experience from the moment you share your design ideas until the day you both say "I do". The aim to have the best customer journey called for the best solution out there - Salesforce.


Choosing Marketing Cloud 


At first, Taylor & Hart implemented Sales Cloud – a Salesforce Customer Relationship Management platform and then integrated it with Salesforce Pardot, which was being used for marketing automation.

The company also worked with other solutions for online orders management, tracking, customer satisfaction surveys, and analysis.

Over time, as business requirements grew, the number of integrated services and data collection systems increased, creating space for technical issues, increasing maintenance costs and limited opportunities for the team. All those challenges required updating the marketing and sales processes.

A unified solution was needed to bring together the data collected across all platforms, simplify and automate processes, and enable the team to reach the right people, at the right time.

This is where the digital marketing team of Next Consult stepped in. Over the years of partnership with Salesforce, they have perfected their knowledge and advised Taylor & Hart to migrate to Marketing Cloud – Salesforce's marketing automation and integrated customer journeys flagman.

Making this decision was crucial for the company's strategic business development in the long term.

In Marketing Cloud Taylor & Hart's team saw a chance to utilize data across systems, optimize existing customer journeys and make new, more innovative ones, a one-stop-shop for their customer experience management.


The implementation process

At first, both teams of Next Consult and Taylor & Hart structured the new data model, set deadlines, and goals.

The project is the ultimate example of agile management as Next Consult's team was facing the challenge of integrating Marketing and Sales Cloud and migrating all existing data, customer journeys and content from the current system - Pardot, without interrupting customer service. The migration was completed in 2 months and didn’t disturb the ongoing customer service flow.

Next Consult's team has proven its skills in implementation, integration, development, data management, and advanced customer journeys.

After the integration between Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the customer data from Sales Cloud became available on the new platform and was used to optimize existing customer journeys.

These are being managed entirely by Journey Builder, the Marketing Cloud's customer journey management module, which enables journeys to run in real-time, depending on the customer's behavior.

Thanks to Content Builder – the tool for creating and storing content in Marketing Cloud, Next Consult's team was also able to create dynamic content for email marketing purposes, tailored to the business needs of each Taylor & Hart customer.

Additionally, in Email Studio Next Consult developed a mechanism for each customer to receive communication on behalf of their assigned design consultant.

The use of third-party tools, such as ones for creating customer satisfaction surveys and assessment forms, was minimized and replaced by the CloudPages app - Marketing Cloud’s tool for creating cloud-based customized landing pages.

The results


All those improvements put the client at the center of the communication and provided a comprehensive look through a single tool that allows sales and marketing teams to meet the growing expectation for innovative, personalized customer experience.

"We thank Next Consult for their commitment during those two months. We appreciate the fast speed of work despite the complexity of this project. They have done excellent and have proved their expertise." – shared Ivan Paunov, Customer Success Manager at Taylor & Hart.


"This is the fastest and most seamless migration we've had." – Stefan Milev, Chief Marketing Officer at Taylor & Hart.

"It was a privilege for us to work with a client like Taylor & Hart who knows what they want. We just showed them the right path to achieve it. I dare to say that this is the first end-to-end Marketing Cloud implementation executed in Bulgaria. We have the best team of Marketing Cloud professionals in the country, and maybe in the Balkans. With them, we deliver faster and better than other partners." – Emil Vuchkov, Partner Digital Marketing at Next Consult and Project Manager.



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