Salesforce and Next Consult help Bultex 99 optimise the communication both with clients and with employees




Bultex 99 is the market leader when it comes to production and delivery of protective work attire, as well as exporting and retailing of work attire. The company’s products help reduce the number of work-related incidents all while creating a safe working environment. Bultex 99 is a country-wide company with 200 highly qualified employees and a sales network of warehouses and stores. With a rich experience of 25 years, the company has over 50,000 clients and its portfolio has around 5,000 different products.


How did they decide they needed a CRM system?

‘Looking for a CRM solution was the results of another project we worked on with Next Consult’ – said Miroslav Slavov, Sales Manager for Western Bulgaria. ‘We got a thorough analysis done on all our sales processes and the decision to integrate a CRM system came naturally after seeking all the mistakes we’ve been making.’
A more important catalyst to looking for a CRM solution was the sheer size of the business – 50,000 active customers and 5,000 products.

Every product has very important and unique characteristics that matter to the various industries and clients; these products features are hard to be managed without a coherent system to optimise the sales processes. ‘We have 5,000 products with their respective characteristics and specifications that need to be communicated to our clients. When the number of clients is 50,000 this gets really hard.’- said Slavov.


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Why did they choose Salesforce & Next Consult?

According to Bultex 99’s, their annual revenue is more than all of their competitors’, combined. ‘ As the biggest company in our industry, we wanted to work with the biggest company in the CRM industry. We definitely think there is no one bigger and better than Salesforce.’ – Miroslav commented. – ‘We tried to see where we are at in terms of benchmarking against the best practices. Thanks to the analysis that Next Consult provided us with, we could see how far behind we actually are.'

For all of these reasons , the company started looking for both a good CRM and a trustworthy partner to ensure a seamless and thorough integration. ‘ It was super important for us to find a partner that is not only good in the technical things but also understand the business and sales processes’ – said Miroslav.

A few tips for the companies that consider implementing a CRM

Miroslav Slavov recommends that all companies that are considering a CRM solution should be very careful when choosing the right consulting partner.

Especially when testing the product and choosing the internal team that will be involved with the implementing of the system, companies need to be extra careful. These are the key moments that could lead to potential mistakes and unpleasant situations. ‘One of the things we are very happy about is that Salesforce worked very well with our ERP system’. – said Slavov.



The first results

Salesforce is not only improving the relationship with their clients but the whole process of servicing and internal communication. ‘We have over 200 employees across the country. It was very important for us to coordinate them in order to enable them to work faster and smoother. Salesforce helped us a great deal in this.’ – said Miroslav.


‘For example, I used to work across 7-8 different calendars before Salesforce – shared with the team, with the CEO, filled with personal and work stuff. Quite often a colleague would get a notification about having to take my kid somewhere, by mistake! This is no longer happening. Everything is in the right place and the system works very well.’ – concluded the Sales Manager.


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