Salesforce and Google announce new global partnership


At this year’s Dreamforce conference, Salesforce announced a brand-new strategic partnership with Google.

This move is largely motivated by the desire to deliver an ever-better understanding of the customer. Salesforce users will now be able to integrate the CRM system with Google Analytics 360  and G Suite. Let’s see what the new partnership can bring to companies:

1. Integration of Salesforce and Google Analytics 360

Having more information about how a potential customer interacts with all digital marketing materials is essential if you want to deliver great campaigns and targeted messages. This new integration allows Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud users to view sales and other marketing data in Google Analytics 360. For example, a marketer can create an audience in Analytics 360 and push it through to Marketing Cloud. Similarly, data from Sales Cloud will be available in Analytics 360 for better ad targeting and improved visibility of the sales cycle.

Learn more about this integration from the Google Analytics blog.

2. Connect Salesforce and G Suite

Salesforce Lightning users will now have more opportunities to gain customer intelligence. The integration with Gmail will allow for better segmentation on emails with suggested actions by Salesforce. Connecting Google Sheets with Salesforce will allow for data and records from Salesforce to be used in Google Sheets and vice versa. Integration with Quip will make team organisation in the cloud much easier through Google Drive and Google Calendar. Customer service will benefit from the integration of Hangouts Meet and Salesforce and users will be able to respond to customer needs faster than ever.

To promote the new opportunities that this partnership brings, Google lets eligible Salesforce users use G Suite free of charge to up to a year. Some of the integrations have already began, while others will roll on into the new 2018. For more information, click here. 

 'We at Next Consult are certainly very pleased, but not surprised with the news of the recent Google and Salesforce collaboration. The two companies, being one of the biggest and most innovative in their respective fields, officially joined forces to provide strong and reliable solution to their enterprise customers. We are already big fans of Google and use their solutions internally so we can’t wait to help our customers be more successful by showing them all the benefits of the Google and Salesforce integration.' – said Ivo Dreshkov, IT solutions Partner at Next Consult.

Learn more about Salesforce and what it can do for your business.

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