Personalized customer journeys - the key to success


The challenge in front of modern business It is no secret for good businessmen that the long-term success of their companies is related to building personalized customer journeys. By targeting their offers and promotions to their customers’ individual needs and preferences, organizations increase both the possibility of an initial purchase and the subsequent additional sales.


Personalized customer journeys start with a deep understanding of the entire customer base and the creation of a strategy that aligns with it. When such a strategy is already available, the companies can "tune" their advertising communications at the individual level and to create the best customer journey for each individual. What the client wants from a personalized journey, is to be able to get as much as possible from each interaction - because it was created solely for him/her, and not for a group of people with similar needs and interest. A multichannel customer journey is composed of some key interactions between a potential client and the company. These interactions can start on one channel and continue on another, which complicates the creation of pleasant customer experiences with consistently high quality in each channel. Customers expect a service of the highest level, regardless of the device or communications channel being used at a certain moment. Naturally, this leads to a preference for shopping from companies and brands that have already built  an excellent customer journey across all channels. At the basis of personalization is the understanding and anticipating of customers’ needs. New technologies can give us the data necessary to create a successful marketing strategy, but they cannot truly “know” our customers. When a company puts its customers first, it can start building deeper, personal relationships with them. This can make the company a preferred choice among other market players. Organizations need to stop thinking about the different communication channels as individual experiences and to start seeing them as parts of something bigger. The future of sales is in the creation and management of customer journeys across all channels. Some key characteristics distinguish the successful multichannel customer journeys.




  •  They are customized and optimized according to the opportunities and limitations of the particular device and / or communications channel, which the customer is currently using.
  •  The transfer from one channel to another is imperceptible to the customer – his or her journey continues right where he/she left it, no matter when and where it continues.
  •  The journey should lead every client with the correct, personalized interactions and messages, received at the right time.
  • They are consistent – they provide a single, familiar and pleasant customer experience across all channels.

The modern digital clients are becoming more and more complex. The solution for businesses is clear - providing a personalized customer experience for every client across all channels.

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