LEAN practices are declaring war on corporate losses



More and more companies turn to LEAN transformation. Many of them make LEAN transformation without even realizing  it because the heart core of the philosophy is how to achieve more with less. The other thing that should not be underestimated is that you need to energize people so  they become part of this change. We started to deal with this matter for more than four years.

That said Orlin Dochev, Managing partner of Next Consult in "In progress" on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria with leading Veronica Denizova. Most of the international companies who come to Bulgaria already have certain LEAN practices and rigorous methodology for introducing such practices. But typical Bulgarian companies  turn to us because on the one hand see that the introduction of such practices brings real value, on the other hand their counterparts required to have such practices. Initially, people perceive LEAN practices as an increase in work they must do in the company.

This is not truth. The management team very warmly accepted the idea of introduction of the 20 Keys of LEAN practices and gradually began explanation in the down structure of the company. People definitely saw the benefits after the first year. There is an effect, said Peter Grancharov Project Manager in Rollplast. 20 Keys means 20 aspects of business. They concern manufacturing, human resource management, etc. They should be implemented throughout the company at all levels. Evolutionary company must live practices and start to implement them. The consultant is a coach and an internal auditor, said Dochev. Look at all comments

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