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About Dilcom:

Dilcom Bulgaria was created in 2002 as an official partner of CITIZEN in the labelling industry (printers, labels, etc). In 2003, the company started making self-adhesive labels.

Guided by the desire for better and more adequate customer service, throughout the years Dilcom expanded their product portfolio, adding various scanning machines, labels applicators, label design software and many more. Following the trends of the market, the company also develops innovative software solutions, produces barcode-based tracking systems, RFID labels and so on.

Luydmila Stoycheva, the company’s CEO, said she divides Dilcom’s life into two parts - before the implementation of the ERP and CRM systems, and after.

"Our main focus is problem-solving. One of our biggest goals is to understand what our clients’ problems are and find a solution for them."-said Stoycheva – "Especially in the last 3-4 years, we have been trying to automate our processes and help our clients get the best product and customer service too."

What made Dilcom look for a CRM solution?

"We were a typical company – meetings on a Monday, Friday was reserved for various reports and admin things. Naturally, this meant a lot of valuable time was wasted and our operations were really slow and clumsy. This also meant that our salespeople could only travel Tuesday to Thursday, which automatically resulted in less sales." - said Stoycheva. Eventually, this became a problem for Dilcom - the lost resources, the wasted time, the missed sales.

"When our company grew, it became clearer that the Excel sheets are no longer good enough." - added Stoycheva-"When our company grew even more, we realized that our weekly report (the huge Excel table that we used for that purpose), became obsolete."

All of this led them to a conclusion – a grand one. Dilcom realised that they needed a solution that can help us deal with these (and more) problems, is good enough to process a huge amount of information, can analyze data effortlessly and can predict our clients’ needs. The solution also had to be easy to use and user-friendly so that our salespeople can get to know it quickly. "At first, we thought there is no such thing, to satisfy all these requirements!

Turns out, there is." - said Luydmila Stoycheva.


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