How Kamax is reaching new heights with Next Consult



“If we hadn’t started working with Next Consult, I have a feeling that we would’ve lost our direction. Next Consult helped us work towards a visible goal. With their help we went to a whole new level and now it’s up to us to put what they taught us into practice.”
eng. Asen Maksimov, Manager of Kamax.

About Kamax

“KAMAX” is a Bulgarian-Czech company, founded in 1994, a leader in the market of sun protection products, both in manufacturing and sales. The company offers vertical blinds, awnings and pergolas, roller blinds, day and night blinds, roller shutters, plisse and duette shades, venetian blinds, insect screens and many more. The company has 200 employees and brings about its products in more than 110 cities in Bulgaria, as well as in countries such as Germany, UK, France, Belgium, Holland, Greece, Romania, Malta and Macedonia.


Why did they decide to look for a business consultant?

With the dynamic pace of its development, Kamax quickly became a leader in the sun protection market in Bulgaria. The company provides the most innovative products and dictates the tendencies in the industry.

It is because of the fast growth and the aspiration to integrate the best world practices in the field that the management of the company started looking for a compatible partner to aid them in transforming the enterprise. Its conversion into a more durable structure is sure to guarantee its future success.
With this in mind, Kamax chose the leader in management consulting – Next Consult.

“Next were definitely impressive as a company, presentation and clients. We knew that we were going to work with someone who had already proven themselves” - eng. Asen Maksimov, Manager of Kamax recalls.

The partnership between Kamax and Next Consult started with a complex Business diagnostic of the internal organization, all the business processes and the level of their automation. The aim is to identify the areas in need of development based on benchmarking with the best Bulgarian and worldwide practices, as well as Next Consult’s experience with companies of various industries and sizes.


How Next Consult helped Kamax’s transformation?

The specialists of Next Consult worked out a comprehensive, long-term program for the development of Kamax. This plan included a precise long-term business strategy of the organization, including mission, vision, values and strategic goals, moreover linking their implementation with measurable indicators at a company level. The organizational structure is optimized so as to have clearer roles and responsibilities for the employees and furthermore render the internal communication more effective. In the production there is a gradual implementation of lean practices of the Japanese methodology “20Keys” so that the quality and efficiency of the production can be ameliorated.

To engage employees in the achievement of better results, the company’s goals, including the ones related to the 20Keys program, were presented to them with a system for purposefulness with measurable and quality indicators. A competency model, overview of the presentation and feedback were developed. What’s more, a complex bonus scheme was introduced with the purpose of motivating the employees to reach an optimal performance.
“Everybody embraced the change from the very beginning. We are especially impressed with the professional yet personal approach of the consultants of Next Consult and the experienced manner in which they managed to engage our employees during the time of transformation in the company.” - shared eng. Maksimov.


The results are quick to follow

Two and a half years after the beginning of the partnership with Next Consult, Kamax reports amazing results:

With the assistance of Next Consult, Kamax succeeded in forming its vision for long-term development and in insuring a structured approach for its realization. The strategic goals and critical success factors are also discovered and their attainment is monitored through a system of key indicators, allowing for quick action if need be.

The internal organization in the company is significantly ameliorated and the middle management is empowered and trained for a more effective management of the employees. Through the system of purposefulness and reporting of individual contribution, the trust and engagement of the employees in the company are growing. “The system is very transparent, clear and understandable for the people. Things are going gradually, everybody’s salaries are increasing. There is now a setting that in order to receive a bonus, you have to do additional work.” – tells us eng. Maksimov

With the introduced lean practices, the focus on the quality and the improved efficiency are evident and the employees are building a new organizational culture, oriented towards constant improvement not only in the company, but also regarding personal development.

“People are adopting a new approach toward their own development. There is a decline in the mindset: I’ll look at it when I have time! Now they are rather trying to make a plan for development and put in effort in its realization.”

The focus on a higher quality of service and customer satisfaction is stronger than ever and the positive feedback on the cooperation of the company with countries of dealers and end customers is present. In a period of sustainable growth, Kamax continues with confidence to a new level of development on the road to becoming a world class enterprise.

“If we hadn’t started working with Next Consult, I have a feeling that we would’ve lost our direction. Next Consult points us to a goal that is clearly visible. With their help we went to a whole new level and it is up to us to put what they taught us into practice.” – comments eng. Maksimov

“It was a pleasure for us to work with Kamax who impressed us with their dedication to their clients and employees, as well as their focus towards constant improvement. We are proud to be a part of the company’s success as we witness their amazing results. We wish them satisfaction of their achievements and more and more success!” – said Stella Scharz, Director Business Consulting




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