E-commerce and AI are taking over the CRM world


 E-commerce has become an integral part of customer relationships, and to adequately cover customer expectations and needs, help comes from artificial intelligence. All this already exists in the leading CRM platform Salesforce, whose development during this year culminated with the Dreamforce 2016 conference, which was held from the 4th to 7th of October in San Francisco. The intruduction of e-commerce into the system is implemented thanks to the Commerce Cloud - a cloud-based system which is the result of the acquisition of Demandware for $2.8 billion. The integration of e-commerce functions into Salesforce turns around the whole concept of online sales. Instead of e-stores conducting sales and gradually getting to know their customers, businesses now - knowing well the attitudes and needs of their users - can give them flexible and adequate offers for new products and services. The tools of Commerce Cloud are already being used in over 1800 commercial websites in a total of 53 countries. At the same time, the AI module Einsten adds an artificial mind to the Salesforce platform, making it the smartest CRM in the world. With Einstein, every Salesforce user can get closer to their clients, learning their preferences, moods, mindsets and quirks, allowing them to forecast future client behaviour with high accuracy, and actively recommending the best actions for total client satisfaction. The integration between Einstein and Commerce Cloud has the potential to allow organizations to learn everything important about their users and to forecast their expectations. This way they will be able to answer their users’ queries faster, more adequately, and in an irresistible way.


To a large extent, the revolutionary step of introducing AI to Salesforce is counting on the IoT. The computing mechanisms which bring life to Einstein are not something new to the digital world; the efficiency of the AI comes from the accummulation of a large volume of data about the personality of each user. Armed with numerous digital devices, people today are generating a colossal amount of information about themselves online. They are leaving a digital trace in the World Web about where they go, what they see and like, what they care about, what sports they do, what they like to eat or wear, where and how they travel, etc. Such a sea of data – in combination with the computing potential of modern digital systems – creates information about each user, which allows the forecasting of his future behaviour. Projects based on Commerce Cloud and Einstein are not just some projection for the future. They are already being executed in the most innovative organizations around the globe.

The best CRM practices were also introduced at Dreamforce and can now be implemented in our market thanks to the Next Consult team, whose experts took part in the trainings as partof the global conference. We were introduced to some extremely innovative CRM business solutions, especially in the area of retail” shared Orlin Dochev, Managing Partner at Next Consult, after his return from the conference. “We exchanged experience with colleagues that have implemented highly successful prokects. We acquainted ourselves with unique innovations, created on the Salesforce platform. In Bulgaria, the market still has a few years to catch up in terms of development, but we are ready to apply the best practices from around the world and help the Bulgarian business speed up the introduction of innovative and useful methods and solutions in CRM.” The world-leading practices in implementing Salesforce, the potential of Commerce Cloud and the use of AI in customer relationships will be introduced by Next Consult in front of Bulgarian users during the annual Salesforce Day forum.  

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