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A changing world

In the dynamic world of technologies and innovations, it’s crucial for companies to keep up with all changes in their industries, as well as on a more global scale. Many big companies with a long history of success rely on past achievements and don’t allocate enough resources to adapt to the future. They are convinced they have a winning formula and don’t need to change it. In many aspects, however, adapting to change will be detrimental to their success because customers’ behaviors and perceptions are developing, and companies need to keep up in order to stay relevant. The next generation of customers will expect nothing short of digital excellence. A company’s competitiveness is also very dependent on the ability to adapt and grow with technologies.


What does digital transformation really mean?

Digital transformation is a process that takes over the entire organization, not just marketing, but customer service, communication between employees, product offering, internal processes and so on. It begins with a visionary approach by the senior management and is achieved by finding a good and trustworthy partner to support a company on its way to digital excellence.


Rollplast’s digital transformation

Rollplast is amongst the biggest companies in Bulgaria; it has been around 18 years and 195 showrooms, 50 warehouses and 145 franchise stores in 4 countries. Apart from a leader in manufacturing and selling windows, doors, glassware and so on, Rollplast is also e socially responsible company that looks after its employees and their families, as well as caring for the general community through various educational and internship programmes. One of the company’s biggest goals is to constantly improve the quality of their products as well as their customer service. This is why they reached out to us as a trustworthy and knowledgeable partner that will support them on the journey of digital transformation.



Why did they choose Next Consult?

‘Next Consult have been our partners in previous projects in business consulting and implementation of the Japanese methodology 20 Keys. We are always on the lookout to improve our business and after optimising our internal processes, it was only logical to improve our digital presence too. The desire to adapt and move at the same pace as innovations do has helped us be successful through the years. We continue to put our customer first, while looking at their overall experience.’ – commented Svetlin Nikolchev, CEO of Rollplast. – ‘The digital marketing team at Next Consult prepared a thorough strategy and took up its execution, one step at a time, while taking into consideration all of our business needs and wants, which made the whole process very productive.’


What did we do together?

Rollplast is a company with a somewhat traditional approach to marketing – mainly brochures, leaflets and a few marketing campaigns, mostly on a seasonal basis. These activities however aren’t sophisticated enough to measure up subsequent sales and brand recognition levels. What’s more, it was very hard to measure any return on investment, especially in offline marketing. The lack of social media presence made it hard to communicate with their customers easily, impacting the quality of customer service. In addition, their website was old, and the user experience was poor due to too much text, not enough images and lack of SEO.

Together we identified the problematic areas, as well as Rollplast's strenghts, and created a marketing strategy with some specific outcomes. Following its logic, we created a digital strategy with specific action points. For example, one of the goals was to increase their market share abroad, which meant that we had to research the markets there, study the most popular digital channels and create website versions and content in the respective language. You can’t be selling in Germany or Austria if your website is in Bulgarian or English and you don’t know the way customers there do research, gather info and communicate online.’ – commented Emil Vuchkov, Partner Digital Marketing at Next Consult.



Good preparation is key in this process. Having a clear business and digital strategy, the rest was a matter of skills and time.

The consultants from Next Consult definitely showed us that they are able and skilful in their fields.’ – commented Katherina Mikova, Marketing Manager at Rollplast –‘An example of this would be the case with our Facebook – we had many profiles created by employees and partners through the years. This really harmed our brand online as customers didn’t know which profile is the official one. Next Consult united them and created a brand new one with a clear action plan and a content plan to go with it. They also created our website on 6 different languages, with improved functionality, a map of all locations and a direct enquiry form for the products. Before that they also created mini websites to go with our marketing campaigns, and they took care of our Google Display ads, email campaigns and all other digital activities we needed.’


What changed?

‘90% of all search traffic comes via Google which is why it was vital that the new website is optimised for the search engines. We went the extra mile and set up Google ads to increase the brand awareness and traffic. We created various campaigns, both search and display, for the client’s key markets and products. We looked after the campaigns on a daily basis, setting them up continuously, which enabled us to drive better traffic - this meant that cost of a click was kept low, while traffic was coming from really interested customers, reaching out the most relevant products for their current search. By this continuous improvement, we got high quality traffic to the website and we converted the visits. ‘– commented Yoana Velikova, Digital Marketing Expert at Next Consult. – ‘ In social media, we rely on visual content in the form of pictures and videos, as well as useful articles and important company news.’

‘A metric we are really proud of is that over 60% of Rollplast’s followers on Facebook have engaged with the content we post, which is quite hard to achieve as there are many things on social media competing for people’s attention. Here lies the beauty of digital marketing – easy traceability, opportunity for dynamic changes, good control of any investment all while improving the quality of the marketing efforts and campaigns. ‘ – continued Yoana.


First results and plans for the future

After launching the new website, the traffic from Serbia is almost as equal as the one from Bulgaria, followed by Germany and Greece – other two important markets for Rollplast.

Just weeks after we started working with Next Consult, we felt the positive change as a result of their work. The best moment for me, personally, was launching the brand new website with its cool design and improved functionality. We received many compliments from employees, clients and partners on the improved user experience. ‘ – comments Katherina Mikova.

In the last months, the digital transformation of Rollplast brings not only more sales and clients, but also better customer service delivery via social media.

‘After we launched the new website, there has been a threefold increase in visits – what’s more, we can actually track how many enquiries were sent for a specific product or from a specific country. This makes retargeting and marketing much easier as we know what products are of interest. Having a more in-depth look on customer enquiries, we can address them within minutes or hours, thus saving the customers’ time. Our client is also able to send to their customer to most relevant offer or quote, tailored to their specific needs. Another thing we are very proud of is that right now, Rollplast’s website is receiving traffic from all digital channels equally, which means that we’ve managed to represent the brand on all main channels. I think it’s lazy to just rely on one channel, as many agencies do for their clients, without exploring the full potential that the digital world can offer.’ – said Yoana Velikova, Digital Marketing Expert at Next Consult.





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