5 secrets of great content marketing




by Yoana Velikova, Digital Marketing Executive

You’ve probably heard many times that the content you create and share online is one of the most important things for digital success. It certainly takes a central role in your social media pages, email campaigns, your blog and in every page on your website. Quality content helps your website rank higher in Google, find new leads, be more popular in social media.

But how can you create content that grabs the attention and holds it, considering how much is already out there?

Secret 1: Put yourself in the reader’s shoes

Ask yourself – if you were a person constantly bombarded with all sorts of content (as you probably are), would you stop to read what you were writing? If you’re falling asleep, while creating your content, and it’s boring to you, how would you expect your readers to enjoy it? Also, don’t forget the limited time we all have – don’t write long and hard to read articles, because it will be ignored. Think about the most interesting and important information you want to communicate, and focus on it.

Secret 2: Work on your style

If you’re a natural when it comes to writing, that’s great. But if you don’t have time, or desire to create content, it’s better if you left that to a copywriter or another specialist, who could do this job for you. It will be worth the investment! If you decide to do create the content yourself, you should start off with a brainstorming session or research into the most popular topics that your readers would enjoy or care about. Think about how your business could tie into them. Most importantly, write original content and be honest because nowadays, anything can be checked and found out! Nevertheless, it is a clever idea for your texts to be proofread by a copywriter just to make sure that there are no grammar or other mistakes – it looks unprofessional otherwise.

Secret 3: Create a content plan

Start with a strategy that defines the whole purpose of your content - what you are trying to say, how would you like to say it. This strategy will inform your content plan as well as your business goals. Think about the most current and relevant topics and the various ways you can create content– video, infographics, articles. It’s important to remember that creating content is a long process that requires attention and preparation – otherwise you risk low quality content that is simply not interesting enough. Focus on creating a month-for-month plan and work on it – that’s the easiest way to track and organise content creation

Secret 4: Tell the reader what you expect from them

If you want the person reading your content to take some kind of action, just tell them! The button is your best friend. Simply write what is the person supposed to do after they are done with your text – for example Share or Sign up. This is the so called Call-To-Action. Include some sort of interactivity too – the best kind of content leaves the reader with a feeling that they are part of a dialogue. Read the comments left by your readers and give them a chance to give opinions or participate in surveys. That’s a sure way to be informed about what is well received amongst the public and what is not.

Secret 5: Strike a balance between types of content

We are not talking about stuffing boring pictures in your articles. What we mean is including other forms of content such as infographics, diagrams, interesting pictures and videos. These types of content can be used on their own, or as a combination alongside good articles. Or both! Have a good think about what suits which platform and don’t be afraid to try out different things to see what works best for your business

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About the author: Yoana Velikova has solid knowledge and experience in SEO, SEM (including AdWords and Tag Manager), display advertising, statistics and data management, social media management and advertising, email marketing and Google Analytics. She is responsible for all digital elements and she is certified by Google. You can contact her on digital@next-consult.com.


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