Our consultants will assist you in every step of the outsourcing process - regardless of whether you are a client, looking for an outsourcing solution, or an outsourcing company, looking for staff and new clients. Salesforce is the best solution for the outsourcing industry due to its detailed customisation opportunities and its process management advantage. TELUS trusted us with managing their 2000 members of staff and are already seeing amazing results.


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Information Technology

Human Resources

Employer branding (Marketing)


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How to select the right business consultant?

Research shows that internal projects or other changes within a company are implemented faster and are more effective & successful, when using an external consultant. It is not a coincidence that for large, multinational companies, working with consultants is a standard practice.

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Case studies

TELUS International Europe: With Salesforce, we protect our investments in our most valuable asset – people

TELUS International Europe: Salesforce helps our staff be more productive, manage their time better and manage client expectations better. Read all about it here.

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Тошко Петков

Toshko Petkov


+359 2 865 8436

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Lora Georgieva


+359 2 865 8436



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